What types of soil are there in the Netherlands?
In the Netherlands you can find different types of garden soil in the garden, we roughly distinguish four. Read more about the four different soil types below to find out which soil type you have.

clay soil
sandy soil
silty soil
peat soil
Make a planting plan with the right soil type
Many plants only grow well in the right soil type. When designing the garden and devising planting plans for borders, it is therefore very important to know what type of soil there is in the garden. Read here which plants are suitable for all soil types.

Tips for clay soil in the garden
Clay soil can be recognized by its moist, firm structure. To keep it airy, clay soil should be dug every autumn and provided with organic material, such as homemade compost. In summer it is necessary to hoe the upper part of the soil. Clay soil retains water well, which is why it almost never needs to be sprayed. The disadvantage is that water quickly remains in wet periods. Give the water plenty of time to settle. Another idea: lay drainage pipes that drain the water.

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