A windbreak for more shelter in the garden
Windbreaks, a row of trees perpendicular to the wind direction, are often found around farms. Farms are often on an open piece of land and therefore catch a lot of wind. With a windbreak you actually create a kind of mini forest. The trees already catch a large part of the wind before it reaches the garden. Do you have the space? Then trees can save you from a windy yard. Plant a row as close to each other as possible, perpendicular to the wind direction. Trees that are often used for this are oak trees, hawthorns and hazel trees.

Green shelter of hedges from wind
In addition to trees, there are of course other forms of green shelter. For example, hedges are ideal for absorbing the wind in the garden. The higher, the better. Yew, hornbeam or holly are the most suitable plants for hedge formation.

Plants that can withstand strong wind or break wind
When there is a lot of wind in the garden, it is important to choose your plants carefully. Wind can be disastrous for a lot of green bloomers. Therefore, choose plants that can bend in the wind (and not snap right off) and also use them as wind breakers. Consider, for example, ornamental grasses. Bamboo is the perfect example of a plant that can withstand strong winds. In addition, you can also perfectly use bamboo as a ‘green wall’. You then plant it in wide planters to create a wind-free corner in the garden.

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