Path of tree bark in the forest garden
A path of ornamental pavement or pebbles simply does not belong in a woodland garden. That is why you can opt for a natural forest path in the forest garden, provided with a substantial layer of tree bark. Apply a small cunet five centimeters deep and pour the bark loosely over the ground. Do not apply a root cloth under the bark, because this can make the bark ‘mushy’ in wet weather. In time it pulverizes bark and it is time for a new layer. Fill the paths with a new layer of bark once every three years. A good type of tree bark is French tree bark, a first quality bark with a hard, firm structure, which means it lasts about five years.

Forest garden planting: shade plants
Most plants that grow in the woodland garden are plants for partial shade. This means that they do require a glimmer of light, but can also be in the shade for part of the day. This woodland garden is not very densely vegetated, because quite a few trees have been cut down. him: “But actually almost all garden plants have to be selected in partial shade. Plants that can stand in full sun should receive direct sunlight all day, in the morning as well as in the afternoon. Behind a house this is almost impossible; there is always a fence or wall that blocks some of the sunlight.”

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